blood frightens me the most

Nope, not me. I’m very comfy with blood. When someone is injured, losing blood, I just take note and do whatever. Well, since I am in the security business, whatever might mean staunching the blood, inquire for reason why a person was injured, if it’s too much for me to handle medically call for an ambulance, or break up the brawl. But I don’t have a bad relationship with blood.

So, why am I writing this at all?

Well, the daily prompts on WordPress, provided by the Daily Post, have gone from suck most of the time to virtually not existing at all. So, I’ve turned to search terms for inspiration. I’ve done so before, to see if I could do some search term poetry like Elke does, but I’m not that into coincidental poetry. Elke’s search term poetry is great, so there’s nothing bad about the word coincidental here. Coincident is giving me these prompts, after all.

So, I guess I’ll be doing some random stuff for a while, again, based on how people happened upon my blog via search engines, and believe me, there are some really weird things there. But you’ll get the opportunity to witness that first hand, soon.


One thought on “blood frightens me the most

  1. Thanks 🙂 How could I not relate to turning to search terms for inspiration!

    Unfortunately Google encrypts the search terms now. You could use Google webmaster tools instead of or in addition to WordPress stats to get a larger collection of search terms.

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