I’m gonna do it

Today, I have went to see my phlebologist. He asked me, when we’re doing my main vein.

What he meant was, when are we going to close it. It has been rather counterproductive ever since I’d had my first blockage. Other veins are trying to transfer blood back to my heart, but the ol’ main vein just sends most of it down to the foot, causing big time discoloration and swelling. While I am not old, and somewhat athletic, my heart can still manage the condition. But rather sooner than later, if nothing is done about it, this will lead to a catastrophe. That is really what the doctor said.

The procedure is not on the treatment catalog of my health insurance. Germany has great health insurance, but nothing is perfect. The treatment is hardly invasive and will only keep me away from work for two weeks, and it will save my insurance lots of money, and me lots of headache. If I can convince my health insurance of this, they might pay for the procedure. If I can’t, I am still going through with it.

Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “I’m gonna do it

  1. Good luck. I hope the insurance sees it is in their interest to pick up the tab now to save themselves money further down the road. And, I hope the procedure goes smoothly.

    1. You bet… also, the procedure was available ten years ago, when all of this started. My leg would look a lot better had they done it then. I guess if we were rich and had private health insurance, the doctors would have considered novel and unconventional treatments. C’est la vie, I reckon…

  2. Good luck! Here’s hoping you get a break from the insurance company. I’m glad you decided to go ahead with it even if they don’t foot the bill, your health is too precious a thing to bargain over. Take care.

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