Daily prompt: Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

In school, there was nothing academic that I couldn’t have handled. When I was presented a problem, I could usually solve it. That is, when the terms of the problem were precisely formulated. This is what caused me lots of trouble in subjects with a more fuzzy outline. I had absolutely no frame of reference for what a normal person was interested in. I nearly failed German in 5th grade, because I regularly got D-minuses on my essays. 5th grade essays in Germany are all about telling stories. Wait a minute. you failed regularly at telling stories as a kid, and now you want to be a writer? I thought you’d never ask, imaginary reader. I don’t want to say I had a terrible teacher, then. Actually, I had the best. Had I failed miserably at more subjects in school, I might be a college professor now. The very things I was good at in school; science, math, biology, all of those play little to no part at all in my personal ambitions, while I have become an expert of sorts on everything fuzzy, academic fuzzy and cats alike.

So, when your kids fail miserably at something in school, don’t blame it on the teacher. Tell them my story, instead of calling for an attorney to force the teacher to improve the grades. Yeah, we had classmates like that. I digress.

2 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Land of Confusion

  1. I would be really interested in any research that proves or disproves correlation between grades in school and career. I feel in today’s public opinion (judging from op-eds and blogs) the “motivated self-learner” seems to trump the “conformist academic high-flyer”. Einstein has become an icon of that movement as I find his quotes and accounts of alleged failure at school really out-of-context.

    1. Yes, mainly because many people in Germany, and obviously also Austria, confuse the Swiss 5, which translates to A, with our 5, which is best expressed as F+. Einstein was a Genius, no matter what. What I am, only future history will tell, if I get a footnote, at all

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