Long time no do

Yesterday, my sister and I drove to Austria, where she lives. We’d been looking forward to this for a long time. After my birthday party, we just got in the car and took off, no breakfast or any other stuff. Soon as we were sober, we left. I wanted to take the opportunity to go hiking in the alps. I hadn’t done that in a very long time, and walking is good for my health, both physical and mental.

So we arrived at her home in Austria around 15:00h yesterday. It was snowing like wild. 15 cm of new, white powder. That would be 6 inches, for those of you who never learned metric. Hiking in the alps isn’t easy when it’s summer time, in the winter it is damn near impossible without specialized gear. But there is something else that can be done very well after it has snowed.

The village my sister lives in isn’t far from Wagrain, which is the center of a medium sized skiing area. And I haven’t skiied in nigh a decade. I remember loving it. It is physically challenging, but if you have some skills, it is very relaxing for the soul. And today, I skiied the piving relaxation out of my legs. In the decade of not skiing, my legs have become unaccustomed to my need for speed on skies, and I gained approximately 20 kg (3.2 stone, or 44 lbs). My legs feel like rocks, after 8 hours of torture, but it don’t feel good until it hurts, righto?

So, if any capacity for movement is restored to my legs by tomorrow, I am going back up, to ski it right out of them again


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