Bon anniversaries

Celebrations are in order. March is a really good month for me in that regard. Two days from now, it’s my dad’s birthday. Five days from now follows my own, and another three days later is my sister’s. You might call that a stressful time, with all the parties this entails; I prefer to refer to it as fun.

Now there’s a new thing to celebrate. It’s my first anniversary of full time employment. Wow, you’re going to be 29 next Sunday, and you’ve never been employed for an entire year full time in your whole life. We’re not exactly over-achievers here, are we?

If that’s what your thinking, then go blow your own whistle, and try not to choke on it. Just because you’re burned out at 30 doesn’t mean… Why am I arguing with you? I’ve got better things to do than listen to imagined mockery, so shut up you yuppies in the peanut gallery of my mind. I’m just looking on the bright side of a life that has only managed to fuck me so much as to be interesting. I digress.

So, yay employment. It’s not a very demanding job in regards to skill. It could be, if the customer asked for it, but really they are just (as in barely) meeting the requirements of the authorities. As Elkement stated in her many posts on digital security, it is more important to ensure continuity of business than to enforce strong protocol. That very much applies to the way our customer wants us to do our jobs irl. I would like to work in an environment where security is of paramount concern someday, but currently, this is about feeding myself and the cats. Yeah, I just got home, and while I write these lines, I am being besieged by hungry cats. Oh, right, the first sentence ("yay, employment doesn’t fulfill the syntactic" requirements for a formal sentence) begs the inference of a fashion in which my job is demanding. When things aren’t hectic, it’s about killing time. When things get hectic, it’s about not panicking, and once you’ve managed that, it’s about multitasking. Sometimes it’s about not taking it personally when you’re being insulted, because someone thinks you’re lazy, or that your job is meaningless. All I need to do then is remind them who is in charge of saving lives around here, by calling an ambulance, the police, the fire department, or taking personal action when required, in extreme cases all of the above.

So, here’s to me, a year on the job, and I still like it enough to wish for many more years of employment.

8 thoughts on “Bon anniversaries

  1. Happy belated birthday. I’ve been lax in my blogging lately, but I see you’ve been quite prolific. I look forward to catching up on your posts.

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