to see or no to see

Again, I am pretty drunk. Maybe I should rename my blog. Nah, me being drunk doesn’t happen often enough to change the name of my blog. Also, my focus today is on the non-importance of focus; I don’t mean a lack of mental focus, but visual focus.

There have always been blind people. I’m not saying they’re better or worse off than I am. But I couldn’t say anything about them. I’m not blind. I only have a light visual impediment, the kind that can be fully compensated by conventional ocular aids. Well, maybe not anymore. I’ve had contact lenses for about… let’s say… 5 years, and of those five years, I’ve used the same set of lenses for the past 3 years. I knew that this arrangement wasn’t going to be healthy for me, but as the careless young person I was, I chose to ignore the risk.

Next day, kind of sober, I looked over my blog post and made some corrections. Also, I put on my old set of contact lenses again. Until I get my glasses, I can’t just run around blind. I also figured, another day or two isn’t going to exacerbate the malformation of my corneae. Yeah, that’s what I’ve got, on top of my astigmatism. On Monday, I am seeing an eye doctor. Probably not, though, since I won’t be wearing my contact lenses then, and my un-augmented vision is limited to two inches from the tip of my nose. I don’t want to get THAT close to the doctor.

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