things don’t work out

the way they’re supposed to. But somehow, they do. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I like to drink – lots. When most people are lying in the gullets, I am sober. Well, not necessarily sober. I don’t even think about driving when I’ve had more than a beer, an’ I mean a single beer- I digress.

Anyway, I am pretty drunk right now. I know, most sober people have more orthographic errors than I do now, but that’s just the way I am. I liked spelling bees. I would have liked them, had we had that tradition in Germany.

So, this evening, after I left my local watering hole, I met a colorful bunch that led me to another oasis of getting drunk, because I needed more. I’m not sure whether I am an alcoholic or not. I can go without for extended (months) periods of time, to find that I feel extremely good when I do get really wasted. Must be the Irish heritage. Though, since I was 12, I have only had two months when I haven’t had any alcoholic beverage.

If you’re still following me, I might have made a few new friends tonight. I dare say they are probably not the best influence on me concerning my drinking habits, but I feel like I have gained a new degree of freedom.


One thought on “things don’t work out

  1. Sometimes I wonder if I’m an alcoholic -which means I’m probaby not, because alcoholics don’t worry about being alcoholics – but it does mean that we are drinking more than is good for us.

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