What is Vlad up to?

Tonight, I heard some expert say, Vladimir Putin was behaving the way he is in this Ukranian crisis, because he was sick of nobody taking Russia seriously, like they used to when they were a global super power. I’m no authority concerning geopolitical matters, but I can assure you that the new Tsar is not throwing a temper tantrum. Vladimir Putin is a highly methodical and disciplined former intelligence operative, and no matter how inflated his ego may be, it is not in the way of his agenda. He is using the the opportunity to see, how the world, the Western world in particular, will react. This is not a show of power, even though Russian forces outweigh Ukrainian forces roughly 20:1. This is not a Russian phallus, it’s a prod, a probe. The USA are not prepared to take Putin’s challenge, and the EU are not coherent enough to react in a manner that will convince Putin to back down. Somebody needs to call Putin’s reverse bluff.


6 thoughts on “What is Vlad up to?

  1. I’m glad someone’s talking sense about this situation. Over here in the UK people are whispering things about war, but they ignore the fact that Russia is a superpower. Despite the wrongness of the situation, Russia here is little different to the US & the UK in their invasion of Iraq in that nobody is capable of actually sanctioning them. I think you’re absolutely right in that Putin simply wants to judge reactions. And he’s getting great results, because he can see that nobody can actually do anything to him, just as nothing could be done against his anti-gay laws. Economic sanctions are absolutely meaningless, considering only the poor majority will really be affected. I hope someone calls his bluff, but I think it’ll take a while before the UN and Western leaders will stop making their usual empty threats.

  2. Sharpening his stakes maybe? What a strange kettle of fish this ‘man’ is, he has been dying for the opportunity to get his tanks out! My psych evaluation of good ‘ol Vlad; a despot, a megalomaniac, a crazed fool. As far as the EU goes, in this situation they are as much use a chocolate fire guard! The whole situation is too messy, and too precarious for words.

    1. I certainly agree that he is a megalomaniac. He wants to revive Russian Imperialism. That, combined with his method and discipline, makes him all the more dangerous. I also agree that the EU is not going to do what it takes to make him back down. The USA haven’t confronted Russia openly during the cold war, which evidently was never over, and they’re not in a position to do it now.

      1. Well, he never got over Stalinist rule, being old KGB, what can anyone expect! Yeah, agreed; the cold war definitely never ended – not with all those sleeping Russian agents placed in the U.S!

  3. I think he is a clever, calculating man. He’s not crazy like Hitler – so maybe he will be more succesful than Hitler. I don’t beleive he would be foolish enough to march into Latvia to protect the interests of Russian speaking people in Riga. He will be satisfied with the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk.

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