Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

If you could fast forward to a specific date in the future, when would it be?

If this is supposed to mean what I am looking forward to, there are really many things I expect to experience in the future (du-uh). But would I just leave out all the time in between those dates, and where I am now? I think not. While it may sound somewhat cheesy, cliched, kitschy, I am not only looking forward to being there, but to getting there.

I mean really, what would those days be worth to me, if I just saw them like photographs from another person’s life? Without getting there on my own, I wouldn’t know anyone in those pictures, I wouldn’t have any emotional connection to the occasions. Who is that man playing catch with? Whose wedding is that? Nice house, but who lives there? Nice turkey, but who cooked it? Nice Christmas tree, but who decorated it? Nice funeral, but whose is it? Who is the eulogy for that I’m reading? I know the name, but I don’t recognize the life they’d had. Because those weren’t my shoes I was walking in if I just skipped the whole ride, like a tourist who just goes on the sightseeing tour, instead of walking the streets with the people who live and belong.

Sure, the symbolic dates are important, but they only gain their significance with their context, and that is everything that happens up to those days.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

  1. If I read about “live” and “fast-forward” I can’t helping think about that movie starring Adam Sandler … where he gets this remote control to fast-forward for better or for worse.

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