Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics

A little side effect from our Socratic Café: I ordered a book recommended by Dan Mullin. So, now that I have some time on the night shift to read it, I will also write a post for every chapter of the book. This will not be a book review!

Peter Singer is a philosophy professor from Melbourne, highly influential in his field and outside, but also very controversial. Which makes him all the more interesting. By buying, reading and discussing this, I hope to scratch an itch I have had for a long time. What’s that itch? Somehow, just because I still hold on to christian moral values ingrained in our western society, people don’t buy me being a real atheist. It is true, getting the catholic out of me is still an ongoing project; after all, I’ve been of the faith until I was 24 years old (I only told my parents two years ago that I had gone atheist).

So, even though it will not be a book review, it is still going to be a personal evaluation, and maybe even something a professional philosopher can work with, a point of view from an educated hands-on person on the philosophy of ethics


4 thoughts on “Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics

  1. I recall mentioning Singer, but didn’t expect you to go out and buy his book! If only I could’ve gotten my former students to take my casual recommendations as seriously. Anyways, it sounds like a good subject for a series of posts. I look forward to reading them.

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