King of the Franks

Dear potential subjects,

I have long pondered what to do if I were the leader of a successful secession from Germany, and, more importantly, Bavaria. There are a lot of things I would do right, that I thought were going wrong in Germany. But there are also many things I would retain.

First of all, German Tay law is too complicated. There’s nothing wrong with being complex, but an average person should be able to do his tax declarations without having to resort to a lawyer.

Secondly, freedom of Marriage. Anyone should be able to marry whomever they want, so long as they are of age, legally able and consenting. Also, my Ministry of Happiness would provide standard forms for prenuptual agreements, though prenuptual agreements could also be formless.

Substance Control would be much more lenient. Cannabis would require a dealership license, with the only prerequisite being a sheet without criminal offences and a bill of relative mental health.

Ministerial posts would not be given to political figures, but to persons with experience in the field. The King nominates applicants for ministerial posts, the ministerial committees vote the ministers from the nominees.

The ministers vote a prime minister from among their ranks. The Prime Minister is advisor to the King, President of Parliament, and has a seat on the supreme court. The position is held for a maximum of ten years – two terms.

The Parliament consists of delegates, elected by the people. People eligible for voting: living and working or looking for work in Frankonia, or owning property and a business in Frankonia. There is no dedicated status as citizen. People eligible to vote, however, are guaranteed diplomatic protection abroad. Crimes comitted abroad by eligible voters are served in Frankonian prisons, if there are diplomatic relations with the country the crime was comitted in. There will be no death penalty.

The Parliament elects a chancellor, who is the head of Government. The Government has the power to mandate the designing of a law to the ministries, and the parliament votes on the laws designed by the ministries (yae – nay).

The Ministries of Frankonia:

  • Defence
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Foreign
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Investigation
  • Judicial
  • Work

Aside from designing laws for their areas of responsibility, the Ministries also have other duties:

Defence: Licensing military companies, licensing weapons and ammunitions companies, mandating military missions

Education: Schools, Universities, recognition of private educators, organisation and subvention of foreign language courses outside of schools and universities

Financial: Levying Taxes, licensing Tax and Toll Collection Agencies, licensing Banks, licensing Tax Lawyers (as opposed to other layers, licensed by the Judicial Ministry), holding Bankruptsy negotiations

Foreign: Diplomatic relations, recognizing the status of eligible voter in Frankonia, working out extradition treaties.

Happiness: Ordinations, weddings, divorces, childcare, rating video games and movies; licensing alcohol, tabacco and cannabis dealers

Health: Licensing medical professionals, approving drugs and foods, licensing health insurance agencies, licensing health care institutions

Investigation: Licensing investigators and investigation agencies, mandating intelligence missions

Judicial: Appointing judges, managing prison facilities, organisation of watch programs, licensing police agencies, licensing lawers

Work: Licensing businesses, setting minimum wages, supporting eligible voters looking for work, setting work security standards, Mediating between Employers’ and Employees’s Unions

Frankonia would adopt many standards present in German Society, and there are plenty of details I have yet to outline, maybe also define a few more ministries. This is only a sneak peek 🙂 Frankonia wouldn’t mint its own tender until it was confident of economical success. If Frankonia started minting, it would call its national tender “Franks”. Frankonia would sign the Shengen treaty, without being part of the European Union

So, do I have volunteers for the Frankonian Liberation Front?


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