In the Nude

I am not a Nudist.

I am not particularly shy with my body, either. I wouldn’t mind walking around in public, in the nude, if it were legal. As a man, the least I have to wear is a pair of underpants. I do understand that most people are uncomfortable even with that, walking around in underpants themselves, and laying eyes on a barely dressed man in public. Well, anywhere in public but the bath. I mean, what else than underpants are speedos?

Of course, shame for our bodies is culturally instilled. But shame is not the only reason for peope to hide their bodies. Fear is another reason. One of the most direct and understandable fears is from women towards men, for being raped. I really hate those men, who are responsible for that mistrust and fear that keeps women from taking their clothes off in public. I really like looking at naked women. Naturally, there are some impractical aspects about public nudity: where keep your money, your keys, credit card? Put your arse where thousands of other people have had theirs that day? What about the weather? It’s not really an issue, as long as it’s 80°F, but we only have a month, tops, with that kind of weather in Germany. Was I talking about fear before? Even if there was no shame involved in public nudity, people are very much afraid of being ridiculed. You might ask: Isn’t fear of being ridiculed the same as shame? Maybe the shot isn’t long, but I feel there is a significant difference there. Humiliation and shame are often associated, and humiliation is the goal of ridicule, but the frear of being ridiculed, and therefore humiliated, is not shame per se, but insecurity. Shame comes after humiliation.

Yes, that’s me blathering. I used to be insecure and shy, ashamed, especially when I didn’t know my own body very well, or other peoples’ bodies. But, I also learned that exposing yourself can be very liberating, too, and the skin is only the surface. Literally, and metaphorically.

No, I don’t run around naked in public. I am still fairly sane. At least in that respect. But I’ve been known to run around my village naked at night after losing at strip-poker on my birthday. And it was snowing. OK, maybe I am a little insane.

Thanks to Marie for inspiring this post on public nudity.

5 thoughts on “In the Nude

  1. Ha! Public new ditty… I can see why you would hate rapists if you attribute our fear of public display to their existence. Food for thought. Keep on blathering, trying to follow you is like playing a game of house of mirrors at the carnival – entertaining!

      1. it is quite fun, isn’t it? feeling like you’re trapped in a house of mirrors, when all you have is your own words mimicking your thoughts surrounding you? did i just say that?

  2. Until very recently it was quite common to see a naked man walking in San Francisco, particularly in the Castro (gay area). However, the San Francisco supervisors have, in their ‘wisdom’, decided to ban public nudity in the city. Interestingly, even when it was legal the nudists would not walk in the financial district but kept themselves to the Castro where presumably they felt safer and more secure. So, in a sense, people were regulating themselves without the need for a city-wide ban.

  3. Eeeekkkkk! Too many things to address, too early in the morning for me to think straight! We are used to being under wraps! Well, some people are. I think some naked, sometimes, is fine – and men being naked, well, if the chance is there then great! Yet, men seem to be less naked than women, but men have less ‘modesty’ to protect! Are men afraid to be naked in public for fear of ridicule? Maybe so! Women are encouraged to be naked, again, what for and who for? Maybe they wear less as the fashion dictates, or maybe because marketing people dictate or men, or whatever else! Whatever the reasons, women’s bodies are the object of fascination, women’s nakedness is expected and desired. People are never tired of seeing women, en masse, and always, naked. How many pair of boobs will be enough before people will say, ‘we’ve seen enough boobs now, put them away’! Surely a woman’s body holds NO mystery anymore?! I just wonder if it is primeval instinct turned against women only; like some type of animal women want to shed their ‘skin’ of clothes to reveal what lies beneath. This naked body the only proof they are worthy. It has to be about archaic mating rights, some group bonding or rivalry? Like alpha wolves, or, the pecking order? Sorry, rant over – well, I have an excuse it is 2:45am!! No, I am not drunk either! Hehe!

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