The Chair

No, it’s not about capital punishment. If you asked me about capital punishment, I’d tell you that I’m all against it, though. Even (child) rapists deserve to live out their lives in the US penile system, which is arguably worse than capital punishment.

No, this post is about the actual piece of furniture. And it’s not about the different kinds of chairs, but about a very mundane, cheap, yet significant chair.

It’s about the first piece of furniture I have bought with my very own money. It’s a black folding chair, aluminum frame, with a plastic basket-weave. What did it cost? € 20.

Now, it’s not like I don’t own any furniture. I have a sofa and a closet. No, I don’T have a bed. I just sleep on a mattress. It’s a really nice mattress, filled with horse’s hair, a comfortable pillow and blanket, but it’s not technically a bed, and I didn’t buy it, either. The sofa, the mattress, the closet, someone else paid for those. I also have kitchen furniture. Well, my roommate and I have it. We bought it together, and it’s not paid off yet. We still owe my colleague 3 installments of €100 each for that. And once I move out, I’m not taking the kitchen with me. I will move out, someday. So, I don’t really see it as "my" furniture.

I doubt the chair will last long, however. A few years, perhaps. It seems sturdy, but I am also constantly gaining weight. I need to go to the gym. I can’t even tell if I’ll remember that chair until my last day. There will be more important things, and also, I could have a stroke or develop Alzheimer’s some day.

But right now, the most mundane thing is significant to me.


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