not really

For starters, I am not a Miley Cyrus fan. Oh, surprise. Yeah, not really. I don’t like her singing or her style. To me, she’s just another starlet with her feet in the clouds.

As for her publicity stunt with the twerping – because that’s what it is – it is necessary. If you want to break with an image, you need to do it hard, or else it isn’t convincing. It’s like a ritual for people in Showbiz. If the ritual is successful, hardly anyone will remember your old image, because you will have developed an individual style. You will be a star worth remembering.

If it fails, your prominence will be based on a series of publicity stunts, and you will be notorious only for being a douchebag. One day, you will be a wreck, a pure attention whore, a publicity addict. You will not grow beyond your image.

And one day, you will be forgotten.

Which will be the case with Miley Cyrus remains to be seen. No matter what I think of her artistic (non-)accomplishments, I hope for her that the ritual is successful.


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