Musical Memory

Today, at work, I listened to the radio, as always. I rarely like any songs on the station, only a few classics. Actually, nobody really likes that station at work, but there is a kind of non-agreement, a compromise, and it hardly ever distracts anyone from the importance of work while it helps pass the time when the goings are slow.

At one point, I was listening to a particular song on that station. I remember not liking that song at all, 10 years ago, when it was still rather new and popular. I don’t warm up quickly to popular stuff, especially popular music. I still don’t particularly like that song, though it is better than lots of the new, popular stuff, and only because it is somehow familiar now.

But when I heard it, I was transported back in time. Not to a particular memory, or, well, sensory memory. I was transported to an emotional memory. I was back in a time when my troubles were few, and my dreams big. I felt like I wanted to be a physicist again, and an adventurer, a pirate, and a police officer, a soldier on the field of glory.

The song faded, and I was back at work, listening to a radio station that nobody really liked, and songs that I could care more about. I did manage to hold on to the emotion, though, to pass on to you, my dear readers


4 thoughts on “Musical Memory

  1. Beautiful post! I feel exactly the same way about music at times. I am not at all an expert in music or a fan of anybody. It is just the memories invoked by former greatest hits you could not escape even if you only listened to the radio in your car.

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