Blogiversary: Equal vs. Identical

Yes, that’s what it means. A year ago today, I wrote my first blog post on “I Really Just Pretend To Know Stuff”. Note: The first post I wrote and the first post I created on this blog are not identical. “Hello World!” was created by the blog itself, when I registered with WordPress; I am only indirectly responsible for its creation. “My Socialympics“, however, was a conscious effort, ergo my direct creation, inspired by the Daily Post’s Writing Challenge. They are both equally mine, though.


Speaking about identical and equal, I have always wanted to express my views on chauvinism, or why I am an anti-chauvinist. Chauvinism, what is that, exactly? It is the belief, that the group to which one belongs is superior to another group, inferring that every member of one group is superior to any member of the other group. It is the basis for racism, sexism, culturalism, imperialism, religious fundamentalism, elitism, and whatever other superiority complex you can think of. If you want to, you can also say that narcissism is a kind of chauvinism, where one is the superior and all others are inferior.

Of course, there are differences between cultures, races, religions, sexes, nations, and me, you, and everyone else. We’re not robots, after all. And people are better than others in things, but that doesn’t make anyone superior.

Let’s talk examples, now. I have an imaginary friend. She belongs to every group that I do not. She is a female, black, Jewish, lesbian witness of Jehovah Midget from Mexico who sits in a wheelchair. I know, Midget is not politically correct, but anything else would have made an intolerably long description, and frankly, I don’t give much about political correctness.


So no, we don’t have anything in common, except for like 99.7% of our DNA. The 0.3% difference is mainly due to the fact that She is female and I am male. Right, that’s because we are both humans. We have different identities, but we are equally human. We have different stories, but we live on the same dirtball speeding through space, in orbit around a fireball called the Sun. We are not identical, but equal.


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