Emotions, II

Just recently, I wrote on my blog about making decisions on an emotional basis. Writing with another blogger, whom I consider one of the best friends I haven’t met yet, I had a very strong memory. A memory from a very difficult time in my life. A memory of a time when I was very re- and suppressive towards my emotions. A memory of a time before I started blogging, or actually writing at all.


The memory was about me telling a friend that I didn’t recognize myself anymore. And I don’t mean physically, but emotionally. Had he been any good as a counselor, he would have told me to seek professional help. I was very depressive. I wasn’t who I wanted to be. I was trying to meet other people’s expectations, doing what others wanted me to do. Not that there’s anything wrong with serving others, as long as you don’t forget about yourself. I hadn’t only forgotten about myself, I had forgotten myself. I didn’t act on my own feelings then.

Not much later than that, I started doing what I wanted. Well, I started finding out what I wanted. I quit the fraternity (Yup, I was a frat boy, haircut and all), gave up on my physics degree, and started exploring myself again (emotionally. Physically, I knew what was “up”).


Believe me, it is a wild ride…

3 thoughts on “Emotions, II

  1. I love this. This sums it all up for me, forgetting who we are (fundamentally) loses track of what we want, our directions in life and so on. It is food for thought, ex frat boy 😉
    Oh, and thank you for referring to me in this post, I also consider you a best friend yet to be actually met in the flesh! Who knows, what the future may hold though!

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