are in order. In some 6 weeks, my probation period at my job ends, so I asked the boss, whether I had to be worried about my job. He affirmed my intuition that I was safe. Come September 18th, and I can’t be fired on minor grounds.

My contract is still only until March 18th next year, but even if I don’t get the same job with the same company, it will be a hell of a lot easier finding something in the security sector. I will have experience on the job, then. I will have professional value on the market.

I am still a rookie, but I have proven that I can learn very quickly. I still lack some attitude towards disrespect of my authority, a.k.a. professional arrogance, but I do my duty well and thoroughly and I don’t offend my colleagues.

Having said that, I don’t just politely nod and shut my pie-hole. I have lots of fun with my colleagues. We talk about stuff, mostly guy-stuff, since most of my colleagues are men, what places we would like to visit on our holidays, what we like to drink, what sports we watch, some personal experiences, political opinions, bitching about the terrible music on the radio.

And then there’s also the complaining about the two others who were hired with me. I don’t want to talk about those complaints, but it’s bad. I wouldn’t want people to talk about me like that, especially not in a professional capacity. The way it sounds, one of them is going to be dropped as soon as the new guy is trained, which I will be having a hand in – the training, not the dropping.

All in all, I like my job, and I am getting good at it. I am looking forward to the years to come, as a rent-a-cop.


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