Jeckyll and Hyde

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

I’m pretty sure that the people around me know pretty much everything about my waking state. What people don’t kow are my dreams. And I don’t tell them. I used to, when I was 5 or so, but then, I was a fairly sane person.

If you knew what goes on in my dreams, you would be quite sure that I am nothing like the person you met when I was awake. You would be quite sure that I am a menace to society, nay, civilization, or even humanity itself. Which is why I don’t talk about my dreams.

Maybe that makes me an unhappy person, not being able to to talk about what goes on inside me. Because really, what are dreams, if not a reflection of a person’s emotional landscape. But would I be happy if someone found out about the mere content of my dreams? It’s not like my dreams are nightmares. I don’t wake up shaking and shivering more often than regular people. I just know that my dreams are abnormal. And the person I am in my dreams must never become the waking me.

Sometimes, when I am awake, I do feel the impulses that drive the person I am in my dreams. I have gotten used to that, and it hardly takes any effort to suppress those impulses any more. I was born with an identity crisis, I am Jeckyll in control of Hyde.

10 thoughts on “Jeckyll and Hyde

  1. Sounds interesting, perhaps a little dark too, which is also OK. I know I value my dream-scape and even nightmares. They are insightful; a storyboard where anything could be possible. I look forward to what might occur, and who may appear (real people or purely imagined characters)! For me, dreams have a mystical/spiritual element too. I do agree with a dream log. There are things you can do to control dreams also, perhaps researching them more would help you? I know I spent my late teens obsessed by dreams! They can be fascinating and insightful.

      1. Thanks, I want to help if I can? Perhaps to try would help reduce the concern of doing so. Who can ‘shoot’ you for expressing feelings, thoughts and desires via the written word? Authors do everyday, and something they write could be seen as ‘odd’. Can I enquire – are your dreams a reflection of your real feelings and desires? Are the dreams representing what you repress? Why do you repress the feelings, emotions, desires? What are you afraid of? Who or what inspires such dreams – is it retaliation or control? I am curious, as often we feel we are ‘bad’ and ‘mad’, but are we really? How many people maybe feel and think as you are now doing, but they don’t confess from fear of freaking people out. We are only human after all. I suppose you might be reticent to explain more though, things can be personal, I know that.

      2. you know, I’m really happy that we both live in a place and time where expressing ourselves in word and writing doesn’t land us behind bars – or worse. But the Jekyll and Hyde reference is not just an expression.

      3. Yes, me too! OK, it is not analogy, but truly who you are. Is it anger or other emotions just as strong driving you, ummmm, interesting. I know the Jekyll and Hyde story well, and I know Mr Hyde was not so restrained or socialised. A metaphor for all humans, perhaps.

      4. Hi, your email disappeared! It went to junk, and I tried to move it, but somehow it vanished. Hotmail is being weird. Can you resend it please. Thank you 🙂

  2. I don’t think it is necessary to think about ones dreams too much. I usually don’t remember my dreams, and I think that’s healthy. But the other day I dreamed I was in church and everyone was smoking cigarettes – duh?

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