Great Series being canceled

The best TV Shows are produced in two countries: The UK and the USA. There is really no reason aside from alphabetical preference that I choose to mention the UK before the USA, so don’t get your panties in… I digress.

But here’s what bugs me, mostly about the US-based series: The good ones get canceled, just when they begin to get interesting. Why is that the case?

The magical word is Ratings. Yeah, the mechanism isn’t really that much of a secret: At a certain time in the year, there are surveys on how many people watch what channel at what time of the day. Since every home in the US has at least one TV set, that is representative for your average American viewer. That is the assumption.

Well, that assumption just isn’t true anymore. There are so many good shows on so many networks, and in order to keep track of them, just turning on the television doesn’t cut it. Hello digital recorder, hello Internet, hello filesharing. Yeah, it’s not exactly legal. So what? Instead of trying to route the filesharing sites out, the networks should capitalize on their success. Sure, there’s Skye and Netflix, but they are like PayPerView, and they are dwarfed by free-to-access filesharing sites that specialize on Movies and TV Shows. And they are full of ads. More than you could stuff into the already overloaded commercial breaks on TV. Every access on a filesharing site to watch a TV Show is a lost rating point, but it’s all we got to watch.

Access is also much easier to monitor on the Internet than on a conservative TV set. A little software tweak to your site, which is available for free, will log any IP address that accesses your individual pages. Monitoring conventional TV sets takes expensive equipment, which is why there are only spot-checks on TV habits.

TV Networks, try the Google approach. Or, Google, buy good TV shows, host them online, and charge for ads. You have the tech, you have the resources, make our lives better, and line your pockets with advertisement money. Well, the Chinese wouldn’t benefit from that, as well as any other country where Google is blocked, but hey, you can’t have everything, right?


4 thoughts on “Great Series being canceled

  1. One of my favourite Canada television series’ is Murdoch Mysteries. The latest season is supposedly set in the 1900s. It’s true what you say about television series’ in the United States and the United Kingdom. I’m really surprised that How to Live With Your Parents’ for the Rest of your Life was cancelled though.

    1. Another Series I haven’t even heard about, because I am one of those Expats in a country where they don’t air most good TV series. Filesharing is the only way to not fall behind (too much) on developments in the US/UK/Canadian TV landscape

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