rational vs. real

I love this one. For those who don’t get get it: There are plenty of how-to’s to understand this one on the net, and they do a better job of explaining it than what I could do in my, well, not so limited time during the night shift. So, yeah, I do have the time to explain it, but the fact that there are good explanations available, literally at our fingertips, means I have no rational motivation to explain it myself.

It is, nonetheless real. There are lots of things that defy rationality. I would like to posit that the reason for that is actually reality itself: It is so damned complex, and to render it all rational would take as long as the universe itself exists. The Universe is approximately 10¹⁰ years old, and we’ve only started a few hundred years ago to explain it without relying on religious ideas. Let’s get a little crazy here now: imagine we knew everything, and I mean everything, about the workings of the universe, and entered all of that into a simulation, then compiling all of that information into a simulation would spark another Big Bang.

It works the other way around, too. There are things in rationality, that we will never, ever, experience in reality. Because rationality is not universal. Rationality attempts to model reality, but everybody experiences reality differently, however similarly. Imo, neither socialism, communism, nor absolute capitalism or completely liberated markets will work to the benefit of the masses, because of the way humans work. How do humans work? That is mighty complicated, but I can give you an idea of the tendency: It is easier to trample down than to have others lift you up, and too many people don’t care how they end up, as long as it’s on top.

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