A Practise in Futility

So, I got the Samsung Chromebook with the ARM Exynos processor a few days ago, and I like the device. There’s just one thing that bothers me, and that is that I cannot run skype on it. Skype is my mostest important communication device with my family, since we all use it, except for my brother, but I can reach him with it nonetheless because he lives with my parents. How do I currently do that? I sit down at my roommate’s supercomputer when he’s not home. How often do I get the chance to do that? That really depends on whether I have the day or the night shift at work, whether it’s the weekend, and so on, so not really regularly. Accordingly, I have been working on a workaround for my chromebook.

The great thing abut Chrome OS is, that it is completely Linux based, and it is almost trivial to install a Ubuntu distribution that runs parallel to your Chrome OS, and I knew there is a Linux distribution for Skype, as well. But here’s the catch: The Samsung Chromebook’s ARM processor doesn’t know what to do with a x86 binary, a.k.a. .exe file. It would be completely comfortable with an .apk file, but neither Chrome OS nor Ubuntu know what to do with that, and Android doesn’t like being installed on devices it wasn’t designed for. So, I’m thinking the Android SDK has an Android Emulator, on which I might me able to run Skype.apk, until Google decides to upgrade Chrome OS to support .apk’s. So, I install Ubuntu on my Chromebook, and the JDK, which is required to run Android SDK, which is also not that hard to do, but here’s another problem: I am on the Internet far too much. Since I’m on the night shift, I take my chromebook to work to pass the time where really nothing at all happens.I don’t know where the Telekom gets this idea that 3 GB are enough to get through a month, I pretty much used that volume up in a day, and I hardly watched any videos online at all. Maybe 5. So, while it would have taken half an hour each to download and install Ubuntu and JDK, it took me 3 hours each, while I did nothing but stare at the screen. Well, I had some music running in the background, and I had my two rounds to take my mind off it (not really). So, finally I get around to look up and start downloading the Android SDK, not only would it have taken over a day with my mobile connection, but I also realized that it is an x86 binary executable file, which is absofu**inglutely useless to me. Silver lining: If I ever do decide to get into the hacking business, I already know how to turn my nifty little chromebook into a super-hacking device and remove all traces of any illegal activities in 30 seconds. Because that’s the time it takes for the Chromebook to reset to factory settings, which it automatically does when you enter or exit developer mode.

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