Mind the Gap: Smartphones

To be honest, I don’t have a smartphone. I’m getting a new old fashioned sub-notebook soon (Samsung 303C12 H01), with skype and bluetooth it is a very big smartphone. I expect to do a lot of wordpressing, some facebooking, watching videos, listening to music, definitely no tweeting. It will definitely enhance my long-distance relationships, but since I’ve already had something similar for the past 2 years, I’m also quite sure that it won’t affect my other relationships – much.
I don’t have any friends who are stuck to their smartphones, either. I don’t tolerate that kind of rudeness. Because that’s what it is: rude. Extremely rude. Right up there with interrupting a conversation for no substantial reason, or not listening. Actually, chronic smartphonitis pretty much falls under the category of failure to listen. People who regularly fail to listen are often self-obsessed and superficial.
There are, of course, cases, where the smartphone is really handy. Hardly anyone buys a camera nowadays, because you can take pretty good pictures with your phone. Also, you can talk to anyone on skype, virtually for free. Last month, I couldn’t attend my grandfather’s 90th birthday, because I had to work. I couldn’t take any vacation, because I am new with the company. So, in the evening, I called my sister on Skype, whom I knew was there, and everybody had a chance to hear me sing “Happy Birthday” from 500 miles away. Using these practical applications is not rude, but useful, and they do enhance every kind of relationship.
Whether the Smartphone enhances or disrupts relationships is up to the User, how rude or considerate they are. But it’s not the Smartphone that makes or breakes relationships, it’s the person.

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