A Helping Hand

I have been solving Sudokus lately at work, mostly because I have the time and I like the challenge. What in the depths of hell does that have to do with Angst?

Well, it’s like this: Life is like the hardest sudoku ever, a puzzle where one must assemble the pieces, of which one has no idea of how many there are, and learning the rules as one goes. You’re bound to get some, many, maybe even most of the pieces wrong, you’re stuck often, moving backwards, retracing your steps. And it’s not only about weighing your alternatives, but also a lot about knowing what they are and how to find them. Unlike Sudoku, we only get one try, no practice runs. We can learn from our predecessors, but we learn just as many errors as methods to avoid them.

I’ve gotten pretty good at Sudoku. Some of the most challenging I can solve within an hour, sometimes even half or quarter, depending on my luck and my focus. But with life, I often fail at beginner difficulty. I have made some progress, though; I have a job where I can solve Sudoku.

The Savvy Senorita

Recently I have been speaking to people about what is takes to help them help themselves through certain situations, which are impacting upon their lives and well-being.

This is a personal issue really, one that involves not just other people, but also myself. I have realised, for some time actually, that this notion of ‘helping yourself’, is something of a hurdle for me at the moment too.

Now I know I am really good at lending helping hands to other people, it had been part and parcel of my many job descriptions over the years, and I did it without question. Providing advice, options, sign posting, information, listening and even comforting others; yet, helping myself to progress, to move on, to find direction, right now I seem unable to, I am beginning to fail myself.

We all find there are times when we have lost ourselves, some control and direction. How do we regain…

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