Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

There aren’t many differences in the style or methods that I use when communicating onlone or irl, but if you heard me speaking about a random topic, something I haven’t prepared (I prepare apologies, discussions, discourses), you wouldn’t think it was me talking if you only knew my writing.

It’s simply the old story of structure. When I wirte here, it’s kinda like a monologue, and I have time. I have lots of time. I can’t unsay anything, but I can revisit what I have written and correct it. It’s not like I do that often (though I just did it right now), when I am looking for words, it doesn’t show in writing, but it does when I speak. So, I try to keep it simple when I speak. Yes, I try, it doesn’t always work.Sometimes I have something perfectly figured out in my mind, but then, when I try to explain it, it suddenly doesn’t make any sense at all, because I do it far to complicated. It’s one of the reasons why I would make a terrible teacher.

I don’t like working under pressure. I know there are people who flourish under pressure, I’m not one of them. I had to learn how to deal with it, though, especially when it comes to arguing. Arguments are not won by thorough, but by fast thinking, and I prefer thorough. MAybe I like thorough a little too much, because I tend to overthink things. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m not getting anywhere with my fiction projects.

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