Liebster Blog Award

First things first: Thanks, Subersive Element, for nominating me for this Award. No, I haven’t passed the 200 followers milestone yet. I don’t really mind if this chain award is a ponzy scheme, it potentially gets me more followers, and I don’t think there is anything economic about this, so the potential for damage is limited – unless, of course, you go mad from reading one of my Posts and go on a killing spree. I’d very much appreciate it if you didn’t go on a killing spree, I would feel horrible if I knew I was to blame for something like that. So, if you do go on a killing spree, delete your browser history before you do so, and don’t inform me of your intentions. I digress.

Back to following the rules.

1. Thank the blooger who nominated you.

I’ve already done that, but there is security in redundance: Thanks, Elkement, a.k.a. Subversive Element, for nominating me. This provides me with an easy post that I have to put little thought into. I overthink it nonetheless, but for a success, Little thinking is required, and it just gets better with more jibberish 😉

2. post 11 Facts about yourself, answer 11 questions about you, and ask your own nominees 11 new questions

2.1.1.: I live in Germany

2.1.2.: I love Germany

2.1.3.: Austria is pretty kick-ass, too. Since this is my opinion, it is a fact about me, so don’t bitch.

2.1.4.: I believe in lots of things, but none of them are supernatural or mythical

2.1.5.: Since I started working, I pretty much quit drinking alcohol

2.1.5.: Instead, I am addicted to energy Drinks

2.1.6.: I am only writing 6 Facts. Consequently, this was the last fact.

2.2.1.: (How) wióuld you try to circumvent the rules set forth by the unknown founder of a blog Award with an awkward pseudo-german Name?

the way I did with 2.1.6

2.2.2:. If you could redesign the rules for this award, what would you do?

I can, and I am doing it. New rule: add sarcastic remarks at random

2.2.3.: What were the criteria for your choice of your WordPress Blogging theme?

I thought the name of the theme (vertigo) matched my title

2.2.4.: What is your favorite Quote about science?


2.2.5.: If you need to compile lists of funny questions and answers, and you run out of quirky ideas – what would you do?

If everything else fails, ask about kitties


2.2.6.: What is your favortie movie or story about time-travelling?

Bill and Ted, both movies

2.2.7.: Have you ever been called a nerd or geek or have you called others nerds or geeks? Do you believe ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ is a compliment or rather the opposite?

both, constantly, depends


2.2.8.: Have you ever written a book or do you plan to write one? If yes, what would it be about? In case, this is too personal: What would your book NOT be about?


I do still plan to write one or two (hundred), and I don’t have the slightest what the ones past 1 and 2 might be about


2.2.9.: Do you know what a tag-back is (without asking anybody and without using that advanced type of googling Elkement incapable of).

I know what a track-back is, but a tag-back?


2.2.10.: Did you really read this post word by word down to this line? (You may lie.)


I actually have, and I don’t lie (much)


2.2.11.: I hardly ever drink tea or coffe, and it has nothing to do with Blogging. I do drink lots of energy drinks…


2.3.1.: I’m not actually going to nominate anyone else for this award, so it’s pointless to ask any questions. This is another example for 2.2.1.

6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. This is exactly what I have expected – one more proof of my theory that you are not a lifeform but some very successful AI software test (in particular, your response time – your programmers should work on making in appearing more slow-paced, human)!
    I liked in particular:
    – your scientific notation of the paragraphs, very Wittgenstein-y
    – your appreciation of Austria
    – your breaking the rules without making such as fuss about it (as I did when I broke the rules last time).

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