The chocolate side of life

I love chocolate. Pretty much any kind. Some more, some less, some for special occasions. I would like to try to cook something where everything contains or is coated in chocolate. Something weird, something unprecedented, like a pork roast in chocolate gravy with chocolate mustard, and potato dumplings with chocolate filling.

I also like chocolate analogies. The most famous analogy with chocolate is from “Forrest Gump”, starring Tom Hanks: “Laaf’s laak a bax a chac’lates, ye neva know what’cha ganna gea’” (Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get). I recently thought of another analogy that pretty much works for me:

In Germany (probably also in Austria and the part of Switzerland, where they speak a very obscure dialect of German, “Schwitzerdütsch”), people say you’ve met the chocolate version of a person when they are very nice, polite, forthcoming, enjoyable. The kind of person anyone would like to meet any day, like the kind of chocolate everyone likes. They are probably referring to the mild, milky chocolate flavor common to Snickers, Milky-way, Mars, or simply a bar of chocolate you would give to your 6-year old. But chocolate is so versatile, there are so many variations. The range goes from the whole-milk chocolate, that everybody generally doesn’t mind eating – unless they don’t like chocolate at all – to the more bitter than sweet Noir chocolate with 90-something % of cocoa butter content, which truly is an acquired taste, so many shades of chocolate, combined with so many different ingredients like fruit, almond butter, hot pepper, mint cream, hazelnut, peanuts, caramel, yoghurt… just to name a few.

So, If you meet me, you will always meet a chocolate version of me, but what kind of chocolate… it takes a developed taste to appreciate good chocolate, and it takes a developed personality to appreciate some of my (or anyone else’s) quirks


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