About Asperger’s

I wrote this as a response to a post from this IMDB discussion thread. There is another post that I wrote a while ago on there, and there is a kind of connection aside from Asperger’s between them

I can only imagine what your post is a response to (since it was deleted before I had the chance to read it), but I guess it is similar to many knee-jerk reactions that might be similar to my initial assessment of the specific case, and that this inconsiderate way of putting it shouldn’t be put off easily. What the hell am I babbeling about, you ask?

For anyone who shows symptoms, mostly mild, it has become "fashionable" to explain their oddness with this syndrome that has recently moved to the center of attention in our society, mostly because it is supposedly best diagnosed early in life in order to countermand the social effects it may have when the child is grown up. Don’t we all want only the best for our children? I digress.

As plausible (or not) as it sounds, it is not fair to belittle someone who may or may not suffer from a serious developmental disorder, fashion fad or not, so I totally agree with you on the point that it [Asperger’s] is not a fashion accessory

don´t tolerate intolerance!

p.S.: Imagine your children, the ones you just wanted the best for, addicted to psychotropics, because you couldn’t bear to see them possibly living with any disadvantage or doing any mistakes. I’ve met a person who has been subjected to such a tyranny of perfection, and they turned out to be the exact opposite of what their parents wanted; psychologically, personality-wise and physically a wreck.


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