a Night in the Life…

I am sitting here, in my super-secret facility, my partner is on his round, and I just got to thinking a little. I have the time, right, now, after all. First of all, there is nothing boring about being a watchman. This might come as a shock for you, but we don’t get money for sitting around for 12 hours a day. We also drink coffee and watch movies. No, actually, I don’t drink coffee. I prefer cheap energy drinks with exotic flavors and loads of synthetic caffeine, taurine, and so much vitamin B that you might go for the word overdose. Also, we can only watch movies during the night shifts, and not even all night shifts. There are a few colleagues who don’t appreciate distractions during our shifts. A computer can be awfully distracting. While I am writing this, I need to make myself look out of the window every 30 seconds or so to make sure no one enters or leaves the premises of the company unnoticed. Aside from my little netbook, there are 4 computer screens, 2 for incoming and outgoing trucks, 2 for alarms, and 23 screens with camera feeds that I constantly need to monitor, and 4 telephones. It’s not exactly intellectually demanding work, but when hell breaks loose, like when 300 trucks want to load/unload or when a machine catches fire, it can be quite the adventure.

As you might expect, I am by more than just a margin the most intelligent person around. I try not to make a deal of it, but recently someone compared me to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Of course, I don’t have much experience on the job. There is only one other person on our team whose experience in the field of facility security is comparable to mine, a young man of Turkish descent, and he is considerably younger than I am. I do have a few skills that come in handy that I acquired elsewhere, mostly logistics and computer skills, but I basically had (have) to learn everything from scratch. But I think I am doing pretty well. The only negative feedback I have had was that I am too friendly. Yup, my direct superior’s opinion is that a watchman has to be a dick. My partner, who seems to have the most all-round experience in the security business, is a rather nice guy, so I guess becoming professional shithead can wait a few years. I digress. Being as intelligent as I am doesn’t make the boredom worse; contrary to popular belief, intelligent people are more patient than normal or even stupid people. Or maybe it’s just me. I can always find something to do, I always have something to think about. Two of my favorite things when the nights grow long: listening to music, chatting on Skype. Mostly I do both at the same time.

Since I started writing this post, more than 4 hours have passed, and I kinda forgot my primary intention from back then. I am tired and hungry, I am out of Chinese instant noodle soup and energy drinks, but that’s not really tragic. My shift end in 90 minutes, I’ll survive that long. Also, I just got in from the fresh air – not exactly fresh, there are the latent fumes of toluene everywhere, but fresh enough to enrich my blood with oxygen, and an hour of walking will also get the circulation going good. When I’m home, I will fall into my bed, sleep for a few hours, buy some groceries, do some carpentry in the kitchen, and then go back to my next night sift at my super-secret facility


6 thoughts on “a Night in the Life…

  1. I am re-reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Your description of the alleged ideal security guard reminds me of the Vogon guard featured in part 1 – and his pondering about opportunities in the walking-around-and-shouting-business 😉

    1. I’ve only worked there for a month now, and during the day shift, there is no real time to do anything but work. half an hour here, ten minutes there, and then there’s another load of action. The night shift is where there’s time, but technically, I’m not allowed to bring my own digital devices or access the internet from the local computers for security reasons, so all I can really do is take notes to develope my thoughts when I return home

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