The modern relationship

I have fallen in love with someone I haven’t met. Well, we haven’t met in IRL, but on the internet, on WordPress, and now we Skype rather regularly. Now you know my motivation for writing this post.

I know the person I love as much as I could over the internet; I have a basic Idea where she lives, I know a lot of what she tells me (and the world, on her blog), and I trust her enough to believe that most or all of what she says is true. People are always so concerned about other people lying to them, and while it is regrettable that people can’t always tell the truth, it is, to my mind, more likely that they are telling the truth when they can do so anonymously on the Internet than IRL.

But as we haven’t physically met yet, this is an entirely spiritual relationship. We can’t have what couples IRL have, so neither of us can expect the other to follow the rules of a RL relationship. I’m not saying it can’t happen; we may very well meet IRL and fall in love physically, but that is a different matter for another day. And until that day, there are no strings attached.

But there are bonds. As much as I may be free to do anything (and anyone) IRL, as long as this emotional bond exists, it will be the strongest – unless I have a child, but that supersedes everything, or so my parents told me (they should know, they made three of us).

You may say it is easy to love someone unconditionally, when there are no conditions to observe. It really isn’t. You are trying to apply logic to love, and love is never easy.

5 thoughts on “The modern relationship

  1. Fascinating – don’t blog too much about it, or somebody else will write this Oscar winning Hollywood movie script about your life.
    Good luck!

  2. The subject of online relationships and to what degree they differ from IRL relationships is a fascinating one. Are the rules governing IRL relationships really changed by this technology? After all, long distance relationships are not new although Skyping with video certainly changes the dynamic.

  3. Love is indeed never easy. Online for me has in many ways been more difficult than in real life, but I have had many difficulties in RL relationships too. Best of luck to you!

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