One place

I’ve been in one place for too long. I have noticed how my creative energy has been lacking for the past months. Well, I had a few good runs a day or the other, but with every day that I am here, I feel drained.

I need to see new things. Or revisit places I haven’t been to in a long time. Well, I am moving to another town, soon, starting a career as a security guard. I like the job. It is mostly quiet, I see new people every day, but I will also get acquainted to staff and regular visitors. But as soon as I get the chance, I need to go on vacation. A long trip, two weeks away from work. The most expensive part is the travel arrangements, but aside from that, I don’t need much to be happy. A small tent, a large backpack, a little Scotch Whiskey to drink at the campfire, and I’m all set. I really need to go far away, though.

I’m not ready for a trip like that in Eastern Europe. I would have to do it in the USA. I could try France, but I couldn’t go there on my own; my French is crappy at best. I could also travel around Scotland or Ireland; getting there is cheap, but it’s still too close to home for me. The Appalachian Trail sounds like a good idea, but I doubt I could manage that in ten days – more like a hundred days. And I would stay with relatives for two days, either near Worcester or Chicago.

I will definitely have to get a new laptop before I go on vacation. I was thinking about a ChromeBook. Otherwise, I won’t be able to post while I’m travelling!


5 thoughts on “One place

  1. Good luck with the job and associated relocating, and saving for the big trip.

    For my current story, I need a description of the scenery on the fastest route between Tegel and Schonefeld Airports. Is it part of the ‘no speed limit’ Autobahn? More bulidings than fields?

  2. I live only 20 minutes from the Appalachian trail. I have been on it, but I have never hiked it. However, if you ever get the chance, I say you should make the trip! Well worth it!

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