Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

The answer itself is simple: No, I don’t.

The background to the answer, well, there is the trivial way to say it, and the more elaborate.

Trivial first: In the game of science, there is no need to prove that something doesn’t happen, or exist.

Let me elaborate: There is not “first come, first serve” for scientists. Just because humans have believed it for millenia, doesn’t mean it’s true. Sure, it had to be proven that the Earth is not a disk with a finite horizon. From our point of view, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The obvious had to be disproven.

What isn’t obvious, but constructed, is the belief in a supernatural power or principle. Just because we are, doesn’t prove that we were made, in the sense that there was someone or something bigger that designed us. Yes, I am talking about god now, but the logic behind God(s) and Karma is structurally identical.

God(s), Karma, reincarnation, we invented those in order to explain why things work, but also why they don’t. For the most recent centuries, science has pried these concepts from faith. Science is also an invention, an artifact of the mind, but one that explains the world dynamically. Religion gave us the freedom of will, but not the freedom to change the World. Many scientists are some form of determinists, but the World is bound to change, hopefully to the better.

We will only see that if our World changes within our lifetime. Well, the world HAS changed within my lifetime. Visibly. And I’m only turning 28 in March.

Actually, Faith couldn’t stop the World from changing. As a static model of the World, it only describes the near past and future and speculations about the Beginning and the End. Imagine you described the scientific world as Big Bang – Humans – Big Crunch, without the expansion, the first and second generation stars, evolution on Earth until 200.000 Years ago, when H. Sapien Sapien emerged, and whatever happens after Humanity. Because we are not the pinnacle of Evolution. We are only the most advanced species of our time on our planet – if one of our secret Alien Overlords is reading this. well, you know I couldn’t know it any better. I digress. Well, actually I’m finished with my elaboration. I just wanted to write “I digress”. You know, my signature phrase. And now a third time, then I’ll leave you be: I digress.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

  1. The world changes during every lifetime – it is one of the constants: death, taxes, and change. For the better, though? I’m not sure there is such a thing… change is change, the grand scheme of things can you really define it as being a good change, or a bad change? What was good for one person, one country, one century could be viewed as bad for a different person, a different country, durign a different century. But, alas, now I digress too.

      1. I haven’t, no. I was not sure if you needed to watch Battlestar Galactica first to appreciate it fully, although Caprica is a prequel. That, and the show was always on at a ludicrously late hour (1130pm or later).

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