Ok, typing is kind of difficult when a 14-pound cat is vying for your attention, but I’m trying it anyway. First of all, thanks to Mirza for nominating me; she is one of my most faithfulk readers (and likers), and now I am feeling a little bit ashamed for not reading much on her blog.

Accepting this Awards requires me to answer a few questions. The first, what would I Change if I had the chance, is already a tricky one. I will Interpret this as changing something, which I didn’t and probably won’t have the power to Change. This also implies that I still might get the power to Change it, though it is higly unlikely, but something considered possible in principle.

People have attempted this before me. They have made a better place, but they haven’t exactly achieved this Goal. I would create a place, where everybody who wants can find a place to live in freedom, with a comprehensible legal and taxation System.

I am also to tell, what age I would like to be again, for whatever reason. With the knowledge that I have now, I would revisit my 21st birthday and lay a new course, preparing me for cultural studies AFTER I met my best friend, since we wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t started studying physics first.

Also, I am to reveal my deepest, darkest fear…

I am the only thing I need to fear. I am the only thing I can’t be protected from. I am the only person who can get under my skin. Don’t fear what you can’t control, fear what you can’t afford to lose control over.

…and my dreams and wishes.

I am working on getting a Job, in order to be free. It’s not the Job per se that sets me free, but the Money and the good conscience I get from it. I am also attempting to write a book, but until I get the search for a Job off my mind, I can’t really do any serious writing.

Do I ever think I would like to be in someone elses shoes, for a day?

Yes, I do, and currently I would like to know how it is to be Barack Obama for a day.

Other Bloggers I would like to nominate for the Reality Blog Award – Keep in mind that this is entirley voluntary, and I won’t be offended if you choose not to accept:

1. the lovely loony from Thoughtsofalunatic
2. The S1ngal Blogger
3. Malcolm from around the Corner
4. Mark‘s conjectures of the millenia
5. Vinny‘s whatever
6. the ardent and awkward Austinian
7. Lisa, who is forcing herself to be happy
8. Emma
9. my favorite crowbar tender

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