Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

I was active in the (in-)voluntary fire department for years, and I have had good training, some of which I actually remember, but this is not about what I do, but what I try to save from the flames, so here goes:

#1: A towel. As Towely from South Park says: “Don’t forget to take a towel!” Aside from the practical value, I really don’t want to have a speaking towel, which is always high or cold turkey, following me around everywhere. Also, I read somewhere, they are elementary in the protection against HTS (Hyperspace Travel Sickness).

#2: My Netbook, including power supply. Most things I have written are on there, also my music and video collections, scanned documents. Really, I refer to my Netbook as my second – or auxiliary – brain.

#3: My emergency backpack. Not much cash in it, but at least 3 complete sets of clothes, one for office tasks, one for crafting tasks, and one for sleeping under the bridge; also, a 14 floz bottle of 15-year old single malt scotch whiskey, 59.2% alc/vol

#4: My Notebook. Nope, not one of them fancy digital ones, I mean an actual empty book and a pencil for writing. I just got it for X-Mas from my sister, and I hold on to presents for a LONG time. I’m a little out of practise with hand-writing, I usually just fill out a few forms every year or leave notes on the fridge. My hand-writing can be read by anyone without special training, it’s just, the muscles in my hands responsible for writing have probably atrophied, so it may be hard to write more than a paragraph a day for the first two weeks.

#5: My wits. Many people leave their wits behind when they leave in a hurry, and then they have not a clue what to do after the catastrophe. Well, it’s not like I know what to do with my life in general, but taking my wits with me might give me an advantage over everyone else who had to flee from the flames. Losing an entire house and everything but your 5 favorite items is a good reason to develop PTSD, especially when they’ve invested lots of money in the things they’ve lost.


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