You receive a call from someone you don’t expect. Who is it, and what is the conversation about?
Unknown is calling my phone. I pick up, and God is calling me. Really, I didn’t see this coming; I stopped looking in his direction a while ago. What do we talk about? I don’t know. If God exists, they are so beyond me that I doubt we have anything in common. Well, if he called me, I would know that he exists and gives a sh*t about what happens to his creations.

But God doesn’t call me. They aren’t writing, either. Not even Facebook. How did this god get so many followers when they never get in touch with them? Doesn’t god have the time or the power to do so? If they are so almighty, why do they leave the field to those who would scam the desperate people with cheap tricks?

If you want to, you can interpret my answers as an inner longing for spiritual security and a meaning of life. Well, I do have that longing, but I don’t trust what I can’t experience. And what I can’t trust, I can’t believe in.

It doesn’t mean that I am alone in this, though. I am not without guidance, either. I have healthy senses, a functioning mind, and I have had good education, academic and parental. And I have desires; basic desires, like fun; and higher desires, like peace.

Is that enough guidance, does this provide me with a meaning for my life?

Would it be for you?


One thought on “You receive a call from someone you don’t expect. Who is it, and what is the conversation about?

  1. Oh My God! What DOES he want (they want). By definition, in their completeness, they can’t “want” for anything. It is most impossible for us anthropomorphs to avoid anthropomorphizing the forces in the universe around us. But I’ve long passed the stage of imagining the old guy with the long white beard.

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