The Evil, the Dumb, and the Good

I just commented on a friends post on facebook, and I thought I ought to post this to WordPress. For those who consider themselves proficient in the German language, you can find the post and my comment here. I am aware, by the way, that I am giving up my secret identity. Well, you could have also found me out on my Gravatar profile, where I am linked to FaceBook, Google+ and YouTube as well. I digress.

So, for those who are a little shaky in their Gummistiefel and Lederhosen, my friend talks about Evil. Mind you, he’s an Atheist, as am I, so he doesn’t mean the metaphysical Evil, but the far more tangible human evil. He identifies the Evil as the egotist. Not the egotist who is just an asshole whom nobody likes, but the one that makes you believe that they love you, the one that gets into your life, your home, your heart, and sucks you dry for the last quantum of energy.

He also talks about the victims of this purest of evil. The emotional pain, the trauma, the inability to believe in yourself, not to mention others; the desire to make the pain go away, to die on the inside. They were dumb to trust in someone, and got nothing in return, except for the pain. In the end he poses the question, whether there is a way to recover from being a victim of this purest of evil. He doesn’t actually write it in form of a question, it’s more of an implied question, and in his opinion, it’s not looking good.

I am now going to translate my comment, not just give you the gist of what it means:

“That’s Life, it’s not easy, but it can easily get to you… enough wise-cracking for today. Thanks to Math, there are more of the Dumb than the Evil variety, and I’m not talking about 51/49 for Dumb vs Evil, more like 99/1. The Dumb can be real dicks from time to time, but pathological egotists, what you call the Evil, the Monsters, couldn’t survive if there were more. My Point? I don’t have a clue. I know from personal experience that there is no cap for bad luck. Can you live with the bad luck? Can you bounce back? Not every optimist with experience turns pessimist, and if you don’t turn pessimist, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an idiot – I am using a different word than dumb on purpose, since it describes a different group of people in our argument, and I am now digressing. Back to the point: It took a long time, but I am hopeful again that my good luck will outweigh my bad luck. Some day. Who guarantees this? I do. How can I guarantee this? Who else could? Even as an optimist I don’t believe in Santa Claus. This, however, does sound like it has a beard as long as Saint Nick’s: You have to believe in yourself; only then can you start believing in other people again. And it’s not like Magic. You don’t just pray a Mantra like „I believe in myself“. You must go into yourself, meditate, reflect, search. Many people find their self-assurance in a “normal life”. Most victims only see the lie in the “normal life”. I, personally, seek the “better life“. And I can define this „better life“ for myself. When I have found this „better life“, I am not one of the Dumb, or the Evil, but perhaps one of the Good”

I guess what I am saying is, to become good, you first need to be a victim of evil. Maybe you also need to be a victim of evil to become evil. Maybe this is just false causality. This would require a root of evil, an ontology of evil. This false causality has spawned more evil than the root of evil could have if it existed. Paradox, right? I digress.

Some more digression, I just reminded myself of a quote from Goethe’s Faust. Roughly translated, it means “I am the power that wills evil, but creates good”. The character who said it? The Devil himself.


4 thoughts on “The Evil, the Dumb, and the Good

  1. Interesting post. The idea that the life events of someone can tip the balance between their indulging helpful or destructive tendencies is something I have been thinking about for my writing.

    If it seems one’s life is nothing but suffering, you would believe they are more likely to go destructive because they know no better. If they have a somewhat normal existence but are a victim of a bad event, they have a better chance of recognising a irregular event and move past it.

    The idea can bend far too many different ways.

    1. well, I personally am a friend of the mixed determinism theory, a.k.a. nature and nurture, but there are far too many factors that we don’t even know exist to know how any person wil turn out after such an event (which is why psychologists work with statistics, not formulae, but I digress). I guess that means I am agreeing with you that this can bend so many ways

  2. You know what I think – egotism is what believers refer to as original sin – it’s the stain that we have to live with and the cause of all evil that we bring into the world. Then there is Pandora’s Box – also a metaphor for egotism and the source of all evil.

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