Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

When I read the title of today’s prompt, my first thought wasn’t about god and beliefs, but about personal loyalty. I interpreted my first thought this way in terms of the content of today’s prompt: Faith, for me, is not about whether god exists or not, or how many gods there are and what we might call them.

Faith still plays a very big role in my life. Faith in myself, in my friends, and in humanity as a whole.

My faith in myself is everything but unshakable. If it were, I’d be a serious psychopath, a megalomaniac. The other extreme would be that I question my every action, second-guess every decision I make. Well, I do second-guess many of my decisions. There was even a time when I third-guessed everything. The problem: Alcohol, as well as the solution. I digress.

When I say faith, I also mean trust, which is where I go into my faith in my friends – and family, for that matter. If you can’t trust your friends and family, you can have gazillions (I know this is not a number) of Dollars/Euros, and you’re still poor, because then you don’t have friends or family. But I can’t entrust everyone of my friends and family with everything. Well, except for my best friend. I haven’t found anything I couldn’t tell or give him that he wouldn’t handle responsibly. It’s also very important for me that he trust me to a similar extent, and that it remains that way. My Ex-GF is similarly trustworthy, and we still talk. The separation was painful, but I’m a masochist of sorts.

It also shows that I am a masochist when I talk about my faith in humanity. I know that it is good for business when people are trustworthy. I want to be generally trustworthy. And it is a lot of work. Probably because there was a time when I coulnd’t have cared less. I was never convicted of any crime, mind you, but I built up a bad reputation. Luckily, nothing bad enough that turning a leaf couldn’t improve my reputation. I digress.

Maybe not so much a digression. I know that very few people are aware of most of the consequences their actions have, mostly because I was oblivious of the possibility of those consequences. A lot of people just have dumb luck, and others have the bad luck of suffering the consequences of the lucky ones. You might say now that thus is the test that god gives us. I’m not going to argue on that. I’m just going to agree to disagree. I digress.

What I am trying to make a point of is that I do have faith in humanity. If some more people in power could get a glimpse of the ramifications of their actions, and I believe they would care, the world would become a better place for everyone.

Take some responsibility, there’s enough to go around

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

  1. Very good post. Responsibility seems to be the thing that the current generation is perceived as lacking. The sense of entitlement that some people project is frustrating to the highest degree. I think Mark Twain stated it perfectly when he said the world owes you nothing, since it was here first. You want something, work for it and take responsibility for your actions along the way.

    1. My trust in humanity is close to foolhardy. I know too many people who screwed me over or are too stoopid (I like misspelling this word) to do something right. But society works because most people usually stick to the rules without being controlled constantly

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