Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

There are a few places worth considering, and the only reason I need is that it is somewhere else. I am always interested in “somewhere else”. If I had 200 more years to live, I would spend a year in every country on earth.

Sadly, I don’t have 200 more years to live. I’m happy if I have 20, so I’ll say maybe I can spend 10 of those in foreign countries.

I’ve already spent more than 20 years in Germany, and an accumulated 4 1/2 in the US. These two countries are NOT abroad for me. I will now choose my top ten countreis to spend a year abroad in, mainly because I find the cultures interesting

1. Russia

2. China

3. France

4. United Kingdom

5. Italy

6. Yugoslavia – doesn’t exist as a unity anymore, but it’s easier to find on a map than the Balkan

7. Japan

8. Skandinavia – not a single country, I know

9. Africa – I couldn’t get any more unspecific, could I?

10. Antarctica – also not technically a country, but there’s penguins…


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

  1. There are many countries I would like to visit, but they can be covered by two easy phrases.

    Asia and Middle East.

    The histories of the vast number of countries are amazing to research, and they have a very long history of good and bad interactions. One can never truly get a sense of culture unless you visit.

    But to focus on one city to spend a year, that is easy. Yazd, Iran. The history of the city, and its place in history, is fascinating.

  2. If I had a chance to live anywhere for a year… I would live in either Hawaii or the Maldives. I have never seen such gorgeous water in my life.! Btw are you about to eat that cucumber?Or is it a zucchinni?

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