A friend of mine said that if he lived every day as if it were his last, after three days, it would definitely be his last.

Today, the world is about to end. Again. According to someone whose name I dont know. Unlike the last few apocalypses, there is no obvious instigator, like Jehova’s Wittnesses or a Guru in Japan, there is only the ominous “Mayan Calendar”, according to which today is the last day. Well, according to whoever spread that rumor.

The rumor is protected by the mystery. Nobody can ask the person who started this how they came to the conclusion that the world ends today. Nobody can question their scientific or theological arguments, because they never presented any. They simply presented a more or less convincing correlation, and it has taken massive effect on our behaviour.

Some people really believe today the world ends. Other people, like me, believe it is just one joke of cosmic scale – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the idea of a British comedian. A lot of people are going to have a blast, celebrating bogous End-of-the-World-parties.

By the way, the movie 2012 was crap. Crappy story, crappy acting, just plain crap. Still, it made the end of the world hype worth while for Hollywood


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