Daily Prompt: Just a dream

First of all I’d like to say I’ve missed you all. I had an extremely stressfull time lately, and, to make things worse, I came down with the flu. I have mostly recovered from that, but now my best friend got it, so he’s spending his first X-Mas vacation days in bed with 107.


Now, to the actual post according to the prompt:

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

I haven’t had a nighmare in a VERY long time. Modern media have simply jaded me towards terror, be it drooling zombies out for my brains, a maniac with a hockey-mask wielding a machete or a clown with razor teeth. I live in the safest country in the world (i.e. Germany), so does my core family, and those who live in the States also live in places where nobody locks their doors (e.g. rural Massachussets).

So, I’ll just open all three doors and tell you how I handle the situation

Behind door No 1: Adolf Hitler

Solution: Browning Automatic .50 cal. Yeah, I’m a pacifist, but who wouldn’t?


Behind door No 2: Definitive proof that god exists

Solution: You said it’s never too late to repent


Behind door No 3: Myself under a bridge, frozen to death, with a bottle of hooch half empty/empty

Solution: I’m working on it… wait… uh, no. I am chronically afraid of failure.


This fear of failure has hampered me a good (or bad) deal during my entire life. It’s not unnatural, but somehow, I think my fear is amplified by factors yet to be identified.

See you all for the End of the World!

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Just a dream

  1. I was wondering where you had run off to … thought maybe you left us for some amazingly hot German woman and forgot to fill us in with all of the details! 🙂 I would choose door # 4.

    1. Part of me wishes that had been the case, but I wouldn’t have given up on writing or reading your delightfully crazy posts. In a way, though, and forgive my prejudices, it builds up to getting a hot German woman: Employment, full time.

  2. Reblogged this on I really just pretend to know stuff and commented:
    It seems this prompt has been recycled recently, and I am now revisiting, if not revising, some of the ideas from this post.

    Remarkably, I have had two nightmares rather recently. In both nightmares, I was being murdered, though not by zombies, monsters, or demonic dictators. Well, I was about to be murdered and woke up an instant before the lethal blow. I was so scared that I dared not fall asleep for a while. I needed to get my mind off the dreams.

    It’s not that I was afraid of actually dying from getting killed in my dreams. That’s just ridiculous, no matter how classical “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is. I was afraid of experiencing that utter helplessness, the despair of fatality when I realized what was about to happen. I was afraid that, if I fell asleep, I would just have rewound that terrifying dream, in order to be tortured by these emotions.

    I can find no explanation why I would dream anything like this in my life. The only logical explanation is that I was infected with this dream.

    How can dreams be contagious? I don’t know. It certainly is weird. I had recently been in close proximity with someone who regularly experiences night terrors of the same kind, and I quickly pick up other peoples’ emotions. I’m not inferring anything supernatural here. I’m certainly not a psychich, or a medium, or whatever you might call this if you believed in that humbug. I simply have an exceptional empathy, and no matter how much I guard my emotions, I am still taken by surprise.

  3. “wearing my lungs as scarf”

    Having just had the same hacking cough/flue I appreciated this literary turn of phrase. As to the three doors I think the .50 cal is too quick. You could at least try circumcising him first 🙂 Regarding the second door I challenge you to come up with an experiment that could falsify God’s existence thus legitimizing your claim to have, at least tentatively, proved his existence. Lastly, the greatest entrepreneurs were driven to succeed by their fears and insecurities. I suggest you start looking at your fear of failure as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

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