WWC: Change of perspective

Hasn’t been around all day. Wonder what he’s been doing. Usually he sits in front of one of those glowing screens, wiggling the mouse-thing with the extremely long tail, or hitting the little tiles on the black board, staring into the glowing surface. This morning he got up even earlier than the other feeder, the one whose obnoxious little box screeches for minutes before he gets to the kitchen to open the cans full of sweet meat.

His little screecher is not as penetrating as the big one next to the soft floor, where the other one sleeps, with all that cloth spread out. But the time. It wasn’t half dawn when it went off, then he just went out of the door, returned and lay down again. That was odd. He just fell back onto our playground, where he spends every night, only to wake to another screech of his screecher minutes later, take the blue cloth and disappear out of the door again. Didn’t even bother to open a can of meat for us when he left, only to return wrapped in the blue cloth again, soaked wet, but otherwise with only his underskin showing. He put on his overskin again not much later. That baffles me every time. How many skins do those big lummoxes have? And also so many different furs! And then they have those big pouches that hang from their shoulders, where they stuff their… well… things in. I’ve tried many times to reconstruct the scratches they make on the white wafers of wood, but all it did was tear, and they make the most interesting paintings with their paint-claws.

Oh, he hung the blue cloth over the green thing those lummoxes sit on. Why don’t they sit on their hind legs, like we do? Well, I must say, those sitting devices are perfect for sleeping, and it is easier to spot my brothers and fend them off when they are being mischievous. Especially the new one, the little black one, is obnoxious. Why can’t he just be lazy, like the slender one and me. The blue cloth is still damp, and it carries his smell. One thing must be said of those big lummoxes who do our every bidding, they have the most interesting saliva. I wonder why they don’t just wash in plain sight, like we do. Maybe it has to do with all their different skins and furs. Seriously, if I had to get rid of my fur before I washed, well, I can only imagine how ridiculous I look without my fur.

Lazy lummox has just stuffed his pouch and left. Still, he hasn’t filled our bowls with yummy meat. He had the expression on his face that the other one usually has. He hurried out the door. Will we ever see him again?

[many hours go by. Cat has long forgotten about what happened in the morning]

Lazy Lummox is home! We heard the heavy thumping from outside, it was a little heavier and harder than the other lummox. He seemed to be in a hurry, but he went away from the door first. Some splish-splash came from outside, then the sound of lots of water rapidly flowing into a big bowl. Slender and Black joined me at the door as soon as the steps grew closer again, then the outside door scraping and squeaking. Finally, the inner door opened, and lazy lummox appeared! Black was the first to run toward the our bowls in anticipation, while slender and I rubbed and danced at lummoxes legs.

He gave out a sigh, took one of the open cans, looked into it and put it back. Then he went back to the other place, next to our litter box, and found another can, still closed. Thank those big, fleshy opposable thumbs, for being able to open our cans of sweet, tender, yummy meat.

3 thoughts on “WWC: Change of perspective

  1. Interesting for certain. The white on black made my eyes cross so I might have missed a couple words. I would likely be scared by what my cats thought of my daily doings.

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