I was just notified that Palestinia has been acknowledged as a Nation by the international community in the UN. I believe this is a sign, a chance for peace in the region, a chance for diplomacy instead of bullets and rockets. Palestinia will not be on equal footing with Israel for a long time, especially due to USA support for Israel, but with the institutionalization of the relationship there are official channels that other states can use to show their support for Palestinia. Naturally, support will be driven by regional interests, but that was the case before, as well. I am expecting the Arab league will support Palestinia diplomatically, for obvious reasons.

What I am more interested in are players whose interests may not be as overt. I am suspecting that China may take an interest in the region. The conflict seems to be a linchpin in global politics, and everyone who wants to be considered a global power will be holding on to that, trying to keep it in or pull it out. Germany was once one of these linchpins during the cold war, and the pressure formed a brilliant in economic power and political influence out of the ashes of WWII, that ultimately aligned itself with the West. Of course, circumstances in the Near East couldn’t be more different from post-WWII-Germany. The world is not structured as clearly as it was in the period from 1949-1989. It looks more like the West against everyone else and everyone else against each other on a national level, but in the virtual world, everyone seems to be aligning against the West, mainly because the west believes it is happening. I digress.

The UN, however, has not waved a magical wand. Many people disregard the UN as a behemoth without teeth and claws. Palestinia and Israel my still be inclined to fight it out with bullets and rockets instead of resolutions and treaties, because it is easier and more
straightforward. Just because it is possible, doesn’t mean it is going to happen.


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