weekly writing challenge: Mind the GIF

Yet another poll where a differentiated opinion wouldn’t hurt

· Yes, animated GIFs are the political cartoons of our time!

· No, animated GIFs are just plain silly!

No, I’m not going into the last poll option. It is plain redundant. Besides describing what an animated GIF is in the very post where the Daily Press team posted their poll, there are plenty of how-to’s on the net.

I haven’t used or made animated GIF’s myself, and some of them are plain silly, but disqualifying them as political cartoons ab origine is plain silly as well. The simplicity of use of the animated GIF’s is an elegant beauty, and since they are usually very short, the message needs to be boiled down to the essentials, because it is quite a lot of work designing every single frame, no matter how basic the pictures. If you want any measure of fluidity, you need around 10 fps (frames per second), so a second can be a very long time for an animator, while it is very short for the viewer.

How long do you think it takes to get a point across?


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