An offer I couldn’t refuse


The boss rode down to the second sublevel with me on the elevator. Coincidentally, I thought, we must have both parked our cars there. I hadn’t noticed him coming in this morning. I was never late, he was never late, so we often met in the elevator on the way to our offices.

My car was just around the corner from the elevator shaft. The other employees were going down further. First and second sub were reserved for execs. The boss called out to me. I turned. Blackness.

I awoke tied to a chair. Boss and two others were standing before me when my hood was taken off. They showed me two pictures, one of my baby brother, another of a stranger. They tossed the picture of my brother into a burning brazier and stuck the stranger’s in my suit. Blackness.

I awoke again in my apartment. The phone was ringing, it was my baby brother. He said two agents had come by and asked for me. He didn’t know where I was, and it was for his own good.

I took another look at the strangers picture. There was a combination on the back of it, must belong to the suitcase on my desk. It contained a .45 caliber and a hundred thousand in cash

the photograph ->


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