nicolite harsh on chest

I was going through the search terms my blog was found by on Google, and to my utter befuddlement, I found this: nicolite harsh on chest. Why would I be harsh on the chest? When I entered the search terms, I was outright astonished: If there is a product named Nicolite, which is connected to the tobacco industry, why don’t more people find my blog with these search terms? Tobacco must be the most-consumed drug-containing plant in the world! Then again, it struck me: If I had known that Nicolite was such a product, I would have never chosen this screen name! The damage is done, and I’m just going to move on. No sense in changing my screen name now, is there?

So, how did I come up with this screen name, you might ask? I could make this interesting: If you have an idea, write it in the comment section!


5 thoughts on “nicolite harsh on chest

  1. Ah, I see you followed my idea 😛

    How you came up with this name… Hm… I don’t know, maybe your first name is Nicolaï and your last name begins with a T? Or you think of your blog posts as enlightening? 😛

    I’m thinking about something having to do with light (like Lueur ^^) or light…ness (?) but maybe it’s rather something that ends in -lite like “polite”…

    Will you tell us where it came from?

    1. Ok, I think the time has come to solve this riddle… Lueur was not only very close, she hit the f*ing nail on the head, just that Nicolai is not my first name, but my second, and it is supposed to be light like easily digestible mental jumble, yet somehoe also enlightening… I came upon that pun when I was filling out a form on the internet for… Oh, I forget what it was… but reading my second name and my surname initial in sequence, well, it inspired me… and Великий (Velikij) simply means great, grand, big, since NicoLite itself was already taken

  2. Perhaps you had some wizened old mentor named Nico, but you hated the suffix Jr? Thus, NicoLite! …I’m really not good at this guessing stuff. 😉 But I know what you mean about weird search terms, I think the weirdest one I had was ‘blue mental construct.’ I would really like to know how that led to my blog, and more importantly what that person was on. 😉

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