I don’t know what’s wrong. I just can’t form any long thought trains. I haven’t had this since I’ve started on this blog. I have absolutely no energy for writing. I can’t find my mojo. I don’t know what’s wrong. My analysis methods are failing me. Well, not the methods themselves, I just can’t follow them through.

I’m not entirely clueless, though. I’ve read about something like this. I have long suspected that I am bipolar, and my Mania phase seems to be failing. No joy, no incentive. Just a month ago, I procrastinated on mundane stuff because I had so many ideas, now I am just lying around, not seeing the sense in doing anything. Well, except for writing THIS down, for the world to see. Maybe it will lift my spirits? Spirits. Maybe I just need to drink that bottle of vodka, get stinking drunk, have a good hangover. Pain has always gotten me back on track. Go to the gym, work out, feel my muscles working again, give my brain some pause. Maybe it’s the time of year, though I don’t remember ever having had November depression. I like it cold and dark.

I should go now. Shops here close in 20 minutes, and I still need some stuff. Signing off, cya 2morrow

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