Wannabe a big Rock’n’Roll Star

Secretly, everyone does. If you are really into music, and you don’t get that chance, you become a fan. Not only music, but that is my fandom specialty.

I am quite a singer. I also played a classical instrument, the cello, for two years, until I was 14. I actually wanted to play the guitar, and I could still learn to play it, but I wouldn’t stand a chance to become skilled enough to play in a band, unless it were punk. I like punk, but I’m more of a metal person. But that’s not the point.

Rock’n’Roll isn’t only about music, either. It’s about everything kickass. In our day and age, film acting is considered kickass. I did the next best thing in regard to kickass, theater acting. It was even combined with singing. Yes, I sang amateur opera. I would do it again, anytime. But, it will never make me a star of kickass, a.k.a. Rock’n’Roll.

So, I turn to writing. Everybody tells me I have talent – just the same as they did with singing, playing the cello, and acting. And sculpting. Painting, not so much, except for abstract art.

A man’s gotta hope.


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