In a thousand years your blog gets dug up and put in a museum. What does the general description on its shiny brass plaque say about all of the posts within?

I can think of a few things that people in 1000 years might think about what I have to say.

“Why the American Empire fell”

is my favorite, though. Let’s face it, my blog screams decadence. I praise the lifestyle of laziness, many of my musings are esoterical (I’ll get into what that means in a jiffy), and everything is purely for entertainment.

Many historians are in agreement when it comes to the relation between decadence and the end of an era. Ibn Khaldun, an historian from the 14th century A.D. Tunisia, formulated a theory about the repetitive character of history: A group of people becomes powerful, amasses wealth, becomes complacent and decadent, is the victim of the next strong group. His ancestors had fled from Andalusia, when the Reconquista reclaimed Spain for Christianity nearly a century before his birth.

Now, about my esoterical blather. Esoterical, Thomas Stanley, 1701, were the scolars of Pythagoras in the inner circle, those who were ready for secret knowledge. So, why do I use the word esoterical? I am all-inclusive. To my mind, there shouldn’t be any secret knowledge. The entire world should be the inner circle. I can safely give my insight to others on the internet because of my anonymity. My concern is not for those who would want to know what I know, but for the guardians of the secret knowledge. Well, I am perhaps exaggerating a little bit. I don’t know any church or state secrets. But if I did, I would be the first to leak them – nay, not leak, I would open the flood gates! Ultimately, keeping those secrets is more harmful than exposing them. I’m not talking about personal secrets. Just a few minutes ago – I am writing this from a friend’s friend’s computer – a person asked me via this friend’s friend’s messenger, if I had had sex with her last night, and why I was visiting. I told him in the most diplomatic manner to go $%&! himself, that is of a personal and private nature. I digress. Secrets that affect other people generate mistrust, paranioa, and awkwardness, and prying those secrets from others results in conflict. State secrets affect so many people, and the ramifications of conflict are dire. Just get them out in the open, and people will realize that they’ve been conned by their governments, and their governments conned each other. Since politicians are cowards, and the militaries and polices loyalty will inadvertantly go to the people, full disclosure would result in a quick burst of flame, but from the ashes a new humanity could arise. Ok, probably it wouldn’t work out so nicely. But it would be interesting to write about a post-(full disclosure) world, wouldn’t it? I think that might make tomorrow’s post.

That covers the explanation of why and fell. Now we get to American Empire.

I don’t think we have to wait for the fourth millennium to see that expression in school history books. The USA are the military, economic, technological and cultural hegemon of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Maybe this will last until the end of the 21st century. Who knows. Even if China overwhelms the USA in terms of GDP, they still need to restructure socially. Poverty is still rampant in China, as well as corruption, and that is slowing their
development. The USA have their fingers in every pie in the world, their influence extends everywhere. Every country, save North Korea, has an American cultural center, McDonalds, Burger King, Apple, Google (also not China), Microsoft, their own version of American Idol, just to name a few. One of my favorite bands, Rammstein, has a rather famous song about this: “We’re all living in America, CocaCola, Wonderbra”. The original version was misunderstood, and they have added the following to the coda: THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG. Well, Rammstein are a leftist heavy metal band, and you can disagree with their political views, but they’ve got a point. I may be a German citizen, but Germany, France, the entire EU, we might as well be Americans with odd customs and language, kinda like Texans – or New Englanders, if you prefer that.


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