My thoughts on the newest superhero television series? I am so glad you asked (Haha, you didn’t, I know). I haven’t read the original comic this TV series is based on, but considering how cliché the story is, I think they might have stuck quite close with it. Not that that’s a bad thing. It is easy to process. The acting is also good, considering the fact that the characters didn’t have much time to evolve in-series and they’re still getting the “feel” for the characters (is that one of the blatant germanisms my dad talks about in my writing?).

What I find most intriguing about the show is the background, from which this cliché story emerges: A group of people have banded together and exploited the city for years, making millions on expense of the people and nature as legit businesses with crooked practices. One of the most powerful, Oliver Queens’ father Robert, wants to make amends, but is lost at sea in a storm, stranding Oliver on a (not so) desert pacific Island. Coincidence? No way! Sabotage? Yeah way! Robert leaves Oliver his ledger, which contains the names of the worst scumbags in suits. Oliver’s objective is not killing them – wouldn’t exactly be superhero ethics now, would it – but to right the wrongs committed by them and exposing them, with the result of them going to prison.

It’s too early to give the show a serious rating, but I got a good impression of it. I’m keeping an eye on this one.


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