Ah, yes, the Whedonverse. I actually enjoyed Angel more than BTVS. Particulars? Let’s start with the setting: We’re finally out of school. Sure, BTVS moves out of school in season 4, too, but not really. I mean, the Hell Hole is still under the remains of the school, Buffy and Willow go to college, which is just an extension of school, and when the school is rebuilt, Buffy starts a job as counselor; also, Dawn goes to school. So, Angel In the big City of Fallen Angels. It seems Angel isn’t new to town, as we find out he spent a good deal of time there with his tortured soul. Over the course of the first two seasons, Angel establishes himself a nice little dubious problem solving company. After all, he has a rent to pay, as well as employees. Well, more like partners: Doyle, a half-demon, who receives visions from the Powers to guide a Warrior, i.e. Angel, to save humanity from damnation, and Cordelia, an arrogant, self-absorbed wannabe-actress who used to have rich parents, but since they never paid taxes… well, I trust you know what the IRS do to their kind. Doyle dies in the first season, passing the gift of visions on to Cordelia, which starts a gradual change in Cordelia’s character. Additions throughout the series: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, a former Watcher, a formidable fighter, for a human, with vast occult knowledge; Lorne, an empath demon from a world where music is unknown who runs a karaoke bar; Charles Gunn, a street kid whose gang is at war with the vampires; Winnifred “Fred” Burkle, a physicist from Texas who was trapped in Lorne’s dimension for 5 years, Connor, Angel’s son, who was abducted by his arch nemesis into a hell dimension where time goes much faster than on earth, and Spike, who has also gotten himself a soul. Angel’s world is much darker than Buffy’s, and I like dark. Also, not everything is cut as clear as in BTVS.


6 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to make a show with Angel going to school – even if he were a teacher? There are enough vampire students on Twilight, thank you.

    Wesley, Spike, Harmony, so great to see them again in this spin-off! I was always thrilled to see Spike and really enjoyed his addition to the cast in season 5, especially his rivalry with Angel. Harmony’s episodes were very entertaining as well. And Wesley’s entire storyline, from Watcher to demon hunter, the prophecy about Angel and all that followed, and then what happened with Fred and Illyria…

    As for Angel himself, who would have thought when watching him on BTVS that he would… well, leave Sunnydale, for starters! He went through a lot, and yet, I don’t know… In a way, I feel like he hasn’t changed that much over 8 seasons (3 on BTVS + 5 on Angel). But then, he was already over 240 years old in season 1 of BTVS so I guess it takes a man that old much longer to evolve significantly.

    Anyway, season 1 was a bit slow, not much going on, and I’m not a huge fan of the Holtz/Connor/Cordelia/Jasmine storyline, but I loved season 5 (except for one episode) which seems like enough of a reason to recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it! No need to watch BTVS first, although it wouldn’t hurt (and I recommend it as well).

    So what do you like most about BTVS and Angel?

      1. Imho, a good director/screen writer can make mediocre actors play good characters, and good actors can play good characters despite crappy directors. Whedon shows have great actors and a great director/screen writer

      2. Oh, I meant: he wasn’t the only director or screen writer. Especially since, at that time, he was working not just on one show but on two, and then three! He barely found time to visit each set and chat with each team daily. So hopefully he could rely on other writers and directors who did a great job when he was busy with BTVS or Firefly!

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